Remembrance Day

Space vacated,

Holes created,

Rain tears with blood,

For earth and mud,

Families broke,

Grief, blackness soak,

New ghosts not old,

So young and bold,

Lift up dead hand,

And carry Land,

With price so high,

So we can try,

To live in peace.

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Behind Smiles, hidden,

Are hardships unbidden.


Blue skies are blinding,

Seeing and finding,

What is tucked away,

Not for display,

The ugly, the pain,

Call it human stain.


Hidden until,

Against your will,

It is in your face,

And with smile in place,

You get to see,


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The New Old

It is old and battered and warped as well,

What tales my long serving table could tell,

But its looks that count and it’s past its date,

It can’t be kept in its decaying state,

But why I ask must we discard the old,

Because they don’t fit into ideal mold?

Why not embrace the wrinkles, defects too,

And boycott the empty shiny and new.


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Turn It Off

The canned music boomed out so loud,

To the open air car park crowd,

And even when the shops had shut,

The music played, no pause, no cut,

Middle of night, the notes still rang,

For dancing rats and owls that sang,

When war broke out, the music sound,

Filled the air for all those around,

End of the world, the music played,

No audience, but it still stayed,

Outliving the shoppers and shop,

Nobody left to make it stop.

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Is Nature Smiling

…Nature smiles,

And poppies red,

And flowers bloom,

And birds sweet sing,

And insects buzz,

The sky so blue…

Nature laughs,

And hollow sound,

And chaos reigns,

And evil fights,

The sky so blue…

Nature corrupted,

And resolve strong,

And body fights,

Until good wins,

Back Natures smile…

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Kind Of Feeding

She is looking to pay,

To feed come what may,

Stray cats by her way,

While he looks for way,

To keep rats at bay,

That have come to play,

As cats that are stray,

That feed on rat prey,

Aren’t hungry today.

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A Cup Of Outside

From the outside,

Inside we hide,

The elements bad,

And we’re so glad,

But sunshine power,

For body flower,

Wind stroke and shakes,

From slumber wakes,

Thirsting fresh air,

To drink and share,

And the wet rains,

Clean all dirt, stains,

Lies, we’ve been fed,

It’s wrong, instead,

From the inside, hide,

And embrace outside.

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