Tsunami Warning

New beach to watch the sea,

Absorb sun cheaply free,

Total relaxation zone,

In sand castle and prone,

All good,

All good unless you look,

At big sign, sea wind shook,

Tsunami area here,

But people do not fear,

In case of wat’ry event,

To safety you’ll be sent,

Just climb up to fourth floor,

Of building near the shore,

And I stared… at the miles,

Of empty flat ground styles,

But least I knew what to do,

Where I couldn’t escape to.

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Fire Has No Mercy

To throw the pink dressing gown,

Out of the window right down,

Five floors, six floors, seven, ten,

To open hands, waiting men,

Easy, if not being worn,

By the child that she had born,

Should she let the flames take claim?

Or take the chance, eat self-blame,

It’s done, cast away from fire,

Frozen image, tragic, dire,

Does the mother know its fate?

Does she dare watch and wait,

Or does she turn to her death,

Not knowing child still has breath,

But was there any other way,

Dressing gown would walk away.

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Birdsong bought with crumbs of bread,

Auditory senses being fed,

Swooping down onto the lawn,

Slices pecked apart and torn,

Little murmurs of delight,

At the feathered pecking sight,

But why not the same effect,

When creature that’s not elect,

Non-winged animal on grass,

Belonging to diff’rent class,

Nibbled on the food left out,

Causing all to shriek and shout,

What nerve, how had it dared,

The bread was not to be shared,

So out came the trap and cat,

To get rid of the tree rat,

‘Til it learnt to sing as sweet,

Squeaking with a tuneful tweet.

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The city shone its special gold,

Stones alive, their stories told,

The mud, the air casting spell,

Adding to a wonders well,

The old city smiled so wide,

At all those who were inside,

And by its wall dancing dance,

Souls joined up in joyful trance,

They sang together as one,

Whipping in Theys, everyone,

Lyrics meaning a mere tool,

‘twas the song combining all,

All a piece, a part of she,

Jerusalem, a part of me.

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Sort Of Eavesdropping

Generic ’merican gal in hat,

Serenaded in the sun, she sat,

The only voice in bikini clan,

Each perching on a lounger divan,

She did not lie sunbathing lazy,

No, she was proper angry crazy,

Shouting, pointing at, ranting about,

What exactly, there is much doubt,

Father treated her oh so badly,

Account stripped to $8000 sadly,

The house was sold, well what a cheek,

She seethed and spoke in spluttered speak,

Entertainment by the swimming pool,

A free performance for us all,

Ears were strained for every word,

But still not all she said could be heard,

Thus it was rude, not respectable,

This public rant unacceptable,

Thou shan’t leave your audience denied,

Either speak clearly, or be decried.

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Meeting The Teacher

It’s that day of the year,

That all parents fear,

When invited to hear,

About their little dear,

Where it is made clear,

That we need to steer,

Grades up from the rear,

How we need a beer.


We look teach in the eye,

And as much as we try,

Really cannot deny,

That exams do not lie,

How could he defy,

The system and belie,

That to achieve high,

You don’t question why,

Wish that we could fly.


Humility and pain,

Seeing teacher complain,

Our work was in vain,

We let beasts be slain,

In world gaming train,

He did not use brain,

For school learning main,

We bend over for cane,

Parents failing again.

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What Men Wear

Stomachs cunningly strapped in tight,

By armory hidden out of sight,

Women all dressed up in finery,

Mood enhanced by cups of winery,

Perfumed feet wrapped in candy heels,

A prayer against blisters, wheals,

Faces redrawn like works of art,

Nails covered with acrylic part,

Men all wear their stomachs right out,

Confident that it’s chicy stout,

Masculine shuffle on the dance floor,

The sweat begins to really pour,

Male cheeks dabbed with perspiration,

Women applying more foundation,

Men in same comfy flats for hours,

While stiletto appeal quickly sours,

Barefooted women litter the hall,

Crippled sat on any vacant stool,

But girls all know this is the price,

To ensure their men look extra nice,

Women must dress up as they were taught,

To be worn by their male escort.

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