Wrong Address

I scatter crumbs on the grass green,

And they come as if they have seen,

Or been told that it’s time for tea,

Sandwiches not eaten by me,

While they peck, chunks, a crumb at least,

From inside house I also feast,

On the birdsong choir, mixed tweet,

I have the only front row seat,

But by the door of house not mine,

Two geese wait their squawks noisy whine,

And they are not of local bird,

Neither seen and before not heard,

Wonder if they were mistaken,

Wrong address instructions taken,

Or they’d decided to fly down,

To try best takeaway in town,

And just to be proper polite,

Waited for teatime out of sight.

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New Phone For Old Bird

Phone cracked after a fall,

Part of screen was dead to all,

It was time to buy one new,

Narrowed choice, but to a few,

Decision made straight to store,

Knew what I was looking for,

One glance at phone, then at me,

We past our prime evidently,

Shop assistant, young she girl,

Lips quivered to pity curl,

I read her mind plain to see,

No use explaining too old me,

I wondered what she would say,

If she searched Google play,

And found the app I had made,

Would her smirk fall and fade,

I feel so much younger now,

Without creams and drug know how,

My new phone, the latest thing,

Instant rejuvenating bling.

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The Answer To World Peace

Tensions on border there and here,

Living lives in much stress and fear,

Fighting in Russia, Middle East,

Ruled by the military beast,

Crime outside on the road and street,

Women and child are daily beat,

Peace and free love, how to restore,

End all conflict and hate no more,

The answer lies in daughter, son,

The prize of world peace to be won,

Computer game addiction to all,

Plug them in to virtual rule,

Infect and then pass on until,

The world becomes quiet and still,

Apathetic to all but play,

Cannot, will not be torn away,

For anything including war,

Compared to game it’s such a bore.

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How Many Words Do We Need?

No sound emitting, you cannot speak

Only unintelligible squeak

Facial expression fails to engage

People …to you hidden in blank page

They smile at you politely and then

Silence makes uncomfortable men

Side stepping uneven verbal dance

They move away quickly at first chance

This despite knowing that what you’ll say

Isn’t necessary anyway.

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The Football Team Winners

They kicked and ran and passed and shot,

Tackles, headers and goals a lot,

But all in all ‘twas just a game,

Even if players had global fame,

With nations pinning hopes on theirs,

By cheers, songs and whispered prayers,

The team which captured every heart,

Of which each country felt a part,

Was not found on a pitch at all,

Nor were they playing with football,

They sat trapped in a cave so deep,

Where even insects could not creep,

And the world watched glued to their screen,

Football boys trapped under water scene,

Joining world to become just one,

These boys were everybody’s son,

We waited for news to attest,

That the boys had won this contest,

We all needed to be quite sure,

These boys would win at life some more,

These small boys of the game football,

Who united us and showed us all.

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I had a little sapling, which I planted in the ground,

And busied about it, trying not to make a sound,

I sprinkled it with water and let it feel the sun,

And saw that it’s growing had definitely begun,

I had a team of gardeners to tend to its needs,

Experts in its watering and experts in its feeds,

Together we protected the very little tree,

Holding it up until it could stand and it could see,

That its trunk was solid and its branches many, wide,

Clothed with leaves of wisdom shielding every wooden side,

We tended to its every whim and fed it letters so,

That after twelve years nurture, we could slowly let go,

And watch with wonder as a sapling it is no more,

But a tree full of knowledge with its own armor for,

Living in the world’s big forest with the wind and bee,

Knowing it’s rooted firm, but independent and free.

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End Of School

Farewell to the old school,

Of teachers plentiful,

Teachers who do not reach,

Teachers who cannot teach,

Teachers who cannot beat,

Teachers who can’t compete,

With the knowledge master,

Personal and faster,

That’s replaced them complete,

Stolen their classroom seat,

New school age begun,

Where computer has won,

So that teacher must learn,

It is end of school turn,

For the teacher.

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