Cat Attitude

The cat dressed up in a tuxedo top,

Strolling around with a jump and a hop,

Until it found a fun plaything to eat,

It pounced and clawed it with his handy feet,

But plaything did not want to be eaten,

This plaything wasn’t used to be beaten,

And it danced and writhed out of the cat paw,

Slithering away from cat’s waiting jaw,

The plaything escaping not to be seen,

While people cooed at tuxedo cat preen,

Unaware of snake watching with sly wit,

Unseeing whole picture, just one small bit.

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Love Is Never Free

Summer night, man in rapture light,

His eyes lost in inner delight,

And he strummed his song on guitar,

So that the notes reached near and far,

And he sang a song, made words float,

To fill his cap with money coat,

His music brought a she and he,

Who danced and kissed musically,

He’d cast a spell, a sort of trance,

Which made this couple want to dance,

With his cap empty, no cash earned,

This musician hard lesson learned,

He’d conjured up potion of love,

Which blinkered the dancers above,

To show not free, not any day,

You have to share your love and pay.

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Learning To Meditate

There are so many thoughts competing in my head,

I need to release them think of nothing instead,

I breathe in deeply following the air,

Close eyes to distractions, inwardly stare,

Body is rising with new flow,

Banished tensions watching them go,

I breathe out air and load,

Body falls in free mode,






A thought,

Is caught,

And burrows inside,

Peace is defied,

Breathe in air tinged with stress,

Who allowed it, said yes,

Harmony is now disrupted,

Meditation interrupted,

Eyes open wide welcoming each worry,

To create more tension and more sorry,

So many stresses finding a home in my head,

In the empty spaces that meditation shed.

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City Safari

At first the people said there was one,

Well even one would make me run,

But everyone knows they live in packs,

Wearing stripes, laughing, rounded backs,

And although the city has a law,

All pet dogs must be leashed, paw by paw,

Animal lovers are up in arms,

Showing love with indignant alarms,

Poor hyenas should be left alone,

Sheltered city dwellers should not moan,

Hyena is a placid creature,

It would not dare to harm or eat’cher…

The wild boar is another matter,

Eats our leftovers, getting fatter,

And the jackals well what do I know?

Human friend, more likely human foe,

Daytime do not fear and do not scare,

But night, go out only if you dare.

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Designer Reality

Millions spent on a house new,

To knock down the walls keeping few,

Banging, drilling week after week,

To produce home designers seek,

But the owners when they move in,

Commit most unaesthetic sin,

On the balcony of chic taste,

Is erected clothes horse in haste,

For washing to decorate eyes,

Basic underpants, no disguise,

And the spell of their palace breaks,

They’re normal people, posh house fakes.

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How To Be Remarkable

In Mediocre Lane,

Of average mundane,

Was forgotten the book,

Which reveals at a look,

Point by point inked clear,

To closely adhere,

For reaching that place,

That cossetted space,

Of remarkable me,

In order to be,

That I.

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Politically Correct?

It is the age of PC,

Where everything is all right,

No derision, no disagree,

Of what you are, of your fight.


But inclusion of the group,

Is what it’s really about,

Not a unique person coup,

Individual is out.


Remember the days when,

It was unnoticeably cool,

To be a lone Me amongst men,

No need for collective rule.


No requirement to define,

One did not try to offend,

The line that was not mine,

The Mes of another trend.


But the PC set say no,

And we are losing the way,

Of what is right and wrong so,

We know what’s really okay.

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