They Did It For Us

There are those who lived during first world war,

Through four hard years of misery and gore,

They were sure they could not take any more,

But then Spanish flu made them ill and sore,

Killing millions back at their front door,

They were sure they could not take any more,

No jobs, poverty and recession tore,

At all their pockets and made them poor,

They were sure they could not take any more,

It did not stop, there was another war,

Full of bloodshed, anguish and lots of gore,

They were sure they could not take any more,

For our grandparents, parents, life was sore,

But they carried on behind each hard door,

Repairing all that had been broke and tore,

Reversing poverty, no longer poor,

And so now with our lives Covid tore,

We may be feeling down, we may get poor,

But remember those who came before,

Who did not fall, dealing with so much more,

Did it for us, next generations for,

The gift of life even when life is sore.

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Right Protection

Take an island, put them there,

All those people who declare,

They will not don a face mask,

Doesn’t matter how you ask,

Their bodies are theirs to own,

Not a state cover up zone,

And on island when all fall ill,

No doctors against unmasked will,

They will realise their mistake,

Catching virus in its wake,

But it will be too late for those,

They got the right that they chose,

At least the rest of us will be,

Protected more securely.

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Outside inside vision

I wouldn’t have gone out unless I needed to,

But there was something important for me to do,

My glasses had got crushed by a falling lamp shade,

Rendering them obsolete as an eyesight aid,

A trembling out of the safe car, parked right by door,

Of shopping center, I approached ready for war,

Alcogel in bag, my mask adjusted in place,

I made sure it was stuck tight to my mouth and face,

The first mistake I made was using my right hand,

To open the glass entrance, dirty and unmanned,

Perhaps it was now too late, virus had got me,

Up escalator I went for glasses to see,

Teetering on moving stairs as I would not touch,

The safety handrail, which had been fingered too much,

The crowds of people, which I used to just ignore,

Were now moving sources of virus to abhor,

I made it to optician breathing just a bit,

Wishing there was sterile chair on which I could sit,

I tried on different frames to see what was pretty,

But lenses got steamed up making vision bitty,

Without a choice I lowered the mask to my chin,

Committing another viral protection sin,

I chose pair of glasses, I wanted to be quick,

So what if ugly, I hoped they would do the trick,

Although I don’t think I need them to see afar,

Won’t be venturing out of sterile home and car.

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Oh, it never went away,

Wrapped up in peak virus day,

The violence, the hatred,

Human life just not sacred,

For brief time we were better,

Best people to the letter,

But it was only a mask,

A big lie, a fleeting farce,

The ugliness roared out loud,

And it refused to be cowed,

By any virus or plea,

It just wanted to be,

To hit, to shout and to fight,

It did not want to unite,

But it cannot win, must end,

My black, white, yellow, brown friend.


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Chin Sling

Should we, shouldn’t we wear a mask,

Stops disease, depends who you ask,

Although hard to breathe when its worn,

New fashion clothing has been born,

Throwaway, reusable type,

Multi layer, filters such hype,

Hand sewn, designer, made to match,

Outfit, while playing virus catch,

Worn tight hiding your mouth and nose,

A cover for large nasal woes,

No worry about bad mouth smell,

Adds touch of mystery as well,

So why wear then only on chin,

No benefit for wrong fit sin,

Face mask turned into chic chin sling,

Useless, ugly, this years hit thing.

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Is It Safe Out There

We gingerly lift our heads out,

Of the door and we look about,

Then take a step into the world,

Where virus may still lie unfurled,

But we’re told it is safe and so,

Away from lockdown we do go,

Leaving small part of us at home,

The piece that’s still too scared to roam.

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Pointing The Finger

In world of satellite and spy,

Which all countries like to deny,

There are not many secrets kept,

However much they may be swept,

So when a new virus is hushed,

And silence of doctors is rushed,

Where were those planted hidden ears,

To confess and expose the fears,

Of the leaders of Chinese state,

Why then did the rest of world wait,

To seal off borders and to act,

To the truth of pandemic fact,

Which they knew about for sure,

Or what is foreign spying for.


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Questions With No Answers

Today is a day which is always bleak,

With many questions, when answers we seek,

For the sake of our country we ask why,

So many innocent people had to die,

And if they had to, we want to ensure,

There will be no more of bloodshed and war,

And if we now all live in peace and dove,

Would the fallen know they had died for love,

And how can battles of love, peace be made,

When lives of the cherished is the price paid.

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Survivors Surviving

And though it’s been many week,

Since she got out of bed, bleak,

For the camera smile forms,

To which the outside world warms,

And believes that all is well,

But the photo does not tell,

The truth she’s hidden away,

Day after day after day.

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One Old Man Went Walking

A man of ninety nine just,

Decided that he must,

Do his bit and raise some cash,

And though his legs could not dash,

He leant on his zimmer frame,

Without seeking praise or fame,

And slowly walked up and down,

His garden in village town,

He finished one hundred laps,

In ten installments ‘tween naps,

Promising his country, world,

As virus horror unfurled,

The soldier would complete walk,

Action following his talk,

He succeeded showing all,

That when a person stands tall,

At whatever age or state,

He should not leave things to fate,

And as Tom nears one hundred,

He’s got NHS funded,

By money raised through love true,

Leading the way for me and you.


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