Free Flying Lesson

She lay there wondering on pavement floor,    

Her bones and muscles scraped raw and sore,   

Was it intention of the thrower who,    

Placed a cardboard box in unlit path to,   

Trip up whoever would come passing by,      

So that lucky person could learn to fly?

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It is a very common sight,     

To see all the dogs pure delight,  

When taken for their walk outside,  

Sniffing and frolicking beside,    

Their owners dressed in auto mode,  

In the parks attached to their load,    

But why only canines, this treat,    

Seems to have a prejudice beat,  

One can’t be sure, perhaps that’s why,     

A cat decided to defy,    

The status quo and also go,  

For walkies, feline joined in tow,     

Behind the dog and not with lead,   

Unbecoming to cat, indeed,       

She chooses when, as after all,     

This cat she is nobody’s fool,      

And sometimes she’d rather just sleep,

There are traditions cats must keep.

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Sweeping Assumptions

He swung a long spikey branch of palm, 

Along the ground with an outstretched arm,  

Road cleaner busy sweeping away,   

Dirt and the leaves that had gone astray,   

And I condescended to myself,     

Primitive work due to lack of wealth,     

Presuming a broom he did not own,   

This man from Africa with back prone,   

But I was wrong because by his side,   

Were several brooms of western pride,   

He had learnt, knew well what I did not,  

That he could clean wider path of rot, 

With palm tree fronds better sweeping tool,   

Ecological and free for all.

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Election Rights And The Wrongs That Are Left

Once upon a time the vote, the right,      

Was only held by a man, skin white,     

And this system was believed by all,     

To be sacred, on high pedestal,     

But the world advanced, we moved on far,     

Right of all adults, no longer bar,     

To choose leader, democratic rule,     

From a list of corrupt, big and small,       

Who act, but not for the greater good,       

Greed and self-interest understood,      

They lie, we know, electorate us,     

And we think why was there all that fuss,     

To be part of system which is broke,     

Election of best is party joke.

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The Reign Of The Rain

Public announcement with a roar,

It was coming, the time to pour, 

And us humans, the humble we,

Waited for that water so free,

To wash the world of all the dirt, 

Surely it would heal all the hurt,    

The cracked, the hidden and the dry, 

Feeding and freeing truth that lie,

Beneath, releasing a strong scent,

Identified as earth, smell sent,

To show smile of the ignored land,

On which we humans feed and stand.

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Just Around The Corner

We sat there just the two of us, 

We, outsiders, outside just two, 

While everyone else was inside,   

As they were expected to do,    

And we felt that we were other,

Which was fine but was awkward too,  

Not belonging in the same way, 

All their questions of why and who,  

While just around the corner,  

Amongst the grass and trees that grew, 

We, unaware that they were there,

They sat outside and they not few,   

Of them we had been a part of,    

We all breathing the same wind blew,   

As we sat, not just two of us,    

Insiders who were outside too.

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When Did It Go

Everything we did as small child,    

Was full of wonder, pleasure wild,   

When did it go, to disappear,   

Excitement that was always here,   

When exactly, we are not sure,   

Or we’d hang on to it for more,   

In knowing that the rest of life,   

Is pursuing that joy so rife.

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Thank You, Ma’am

Your Majesty, our Queen, you were always there,        

Your calm in the chaos of the world where,   

You were tucked into our families, with all,    

Part of our traditions, your counsel and rule,     

From the past to the future, the bridge was you,    

Taking us on the journey of life and through,    

It was not your crown you reached out, but your hand,   

Which we held, not knowing, you must understand,  

But feeling, deep inside, that you must be right,   

‘twould be okay again…leading us to light.

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True Love

It was before the days of woke,   

When truth was often stupid spoke,  

When different was met with fear,  

What was accepted, made so clear,   

The Mother was told not to keep,  

Her baby son, a source of weep,   

Normal defined in just one way,  

And Downs Syndrome was not okay,  

But mother refused, would not do, 

He was her son, better she knew, 

She’d always be there by his side, 

Her heart open and very wide,   

And she was…sixty years went by, 

When came her turn to leave and die, 

They said heart was wrong, gave up fight,  

But they were wrong, her heart was right,  

She taught them all, including us,  

Including all, a human must.

A tribute to Auntie Chava who I was privileged to have known and who taught me so much.

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The Old Bird

Woken up by the sound of bird,   

Its shrill chirping can be heard,    

Inside, outside everywhere,    

Of sleep depriver you despair,   

Feathered friend won’t desist or cease,   

You just want to restore the peace,    

A whistle placed between your lips,   

You could give the bird singing tips,    

Your aim to tell it in its talk,    

That it should fly away or walk,  

So that you can go back to sleep,    

While other neighbours want to weep,    

They now disturbed by two old birds,   

Trying to find some common words.

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