Speedy Gonzales

So I am on my constitutional and it’s her again,

Accessorized with a dog complete with chain,

Gleaming with sweat, muscle and meat,

She is oiling her machinery with exertion and heat,

Face, every muscle set in determination,

Her expression strainingly reminiscent of constipation,

She is well past her prime this woman running at high speed,

Yet to show off her body she obviously has a need,

A ring in her naval in everyone’s face,

Without our prior permission, must be a disgrace,

Having the effect of making one feel ill,

And wondering which one of us is over the hill.

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One Response to Speedy Gonzales

  1. Alon says:

    so I’m confused…

    are you describing the dog as ‘meat’ in which case you are as much a dog hater as your sister, or does the dog have some meat in its mouth?

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