I Spy A Donut

I have discovered a secret that not everyone knows,
That has brought up a question I feel I must pose,
Where were all the donuts hiding early today?
I looked all about me, but didn’t find any on my way,
There were no remnants on the pavement, not a crumb not a blob,
And I looked very carefully, I did a damn good job,
No squidges of jam, no sugary spluttering,
Why is nobody eating one, I found myself muttering,
But then just as I was going to give up on my quest,
I passed a bus stop and conducted one last test,
I sniffed and I searched and then I espied,
Somebody suspicious with something to hide,
She clutched it guiltily, partially hidden from view,
But it was too late it was spotted, a chocolate cream one too,
Phew what relief, the sufganiyot had not disappeared over night,
There are more to be eaten on this festival of donuts and light.

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