Streets Lined With Gold

You can tell a lot about people, from what they do throw out,

And if you don’t believe me, if you have any doubt,

Come stroll down the streets of Modiin city, today or whenever,

Best before you go shopping, take my word for it be clever,

The streets are lined with goods of any kind,

Sofas, armchairs, tables, even lamps you can find,

If its leather you are wanting, it might take a day or two,

I would first try Buchman, if you want it quite new,

Electricals are in plenty, televisions of any make,

Sony is a favourite, so bear in mind if yours does break,

Sinks and beds, doubles and singles, cupboards as well,

Rollar blades, scooters, and cupboards available, not for sale

Nothing costs a bloody thing, not even v-a-t,

Modiin, throw away city provides the whole lot free.

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