Today as my gaze caught the trees, I noticed something new,

Why in the winter are some trees bare, no buds, no leaves too,

When everything else wraps up warm against the outside chill,

Would the trees choose to strip to nothing if not against their will?

Us people adorn hats and coats, any extra layers are welcomed please,

And even the grazing sheep show some sense and cover themselves in fleece.

But these trees so naked are at the mercy of all the elements out there,

Bending this way and that those supplicating trees swaying  in the air,

And then I realized I am mistaken and vulnerable they are not,

These trees are not weak at all and they surely don’t feel a lot,

Like the elderly looking deceivingly gentle, reminiscent of the tree,

With age a man’s spirit grows stronger and greater, although weaker physically,

I realized that the trees were strong, not bowing in weak disgrace,

Their wooden bodies were actually hitting out at winter’s frozen face.

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