Trendy Tel Aviv

A drive and a walk and I was there in the heart of Tel Aviv City,

The buzz and the bustle hit me hard, the latent sea of pretty,

Struck by the stark contrast of roads which depend on where,

Take Rothschild and Allenby, two worlds impossible to compare,

On Rothschild Boulevard, music time, opera for the masses free,

Coffee shops galore for those who want to be seen and to see,

Queuing for a cup of coffee, the young and trendy they suppose,

Shiny, new, plastic, the same, the places, people and clothes,

They must be blind to the Tel Aviv venues steeped with character real, 

For example nearby Allenby, clothed in a skin of retained authentic feel,

An Allenby coffee shop, the real macoy, no frills and laces on display,

Décor from the past stirred with eight shekel coffee to sit or take away,

Tried and tested over time, the shops here remain unchanging, the same,

Frequented by the old, once trendy, again and again and again.

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