Healthy Walking

After being in bed with flu for days, I had to get out bad,

There is only so much time you can remain indoors without going mad,

My body was recovering, my nose still red and sore,

Against the enemy phlegm, my cough was waging war,

But walking is good for you or so the doctors say,

And so I ventured outside one cold winters day,

I made sure I was wrapped up warm, wooly hat on my head,

Replacing the warm environs of home for the chilly streets instead,

It felt good, it felt right at least that was until,

A passerby mentioned rain, which I could not see or feel,

But then it started to bucket down straight onto my person,

And I felt my flu chuckle in glee as cold and cough did worsen,

From damp to wet dripping skin and hair, soaked to the core,

No escape, no shelter or reprieve from the unexpected downpour,

No short cuts home, I had gone too far, accompanied by my flu,

But warmed by the thought that walking was a healthy thing to do.

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