If you go for a stroll today you’re sure to see runners and joggers galore,

Clad almost identical, momentarily registering what each of them wore,

An array of shorts from skimpy to long and sweatpants all designed for sport,

Their bodies couple with this machinery to achieve the results sought,

But a sight that has remained in my head is of the alternate dressed set,

In fact it’s the only sight from that walk that I have not forgotten yet,

Two women in bright colored tee shirts accessorized with skirts to the knee,

Presumably their legs in trousers are off limits for anybody to see,

So instead they ran with legs flailing, their skirts billowing side to side,

Unfortunately revealing for all to see what they probably wanted to hide,

My eyes could not help wondering whether they had shorts on as well,

In fact it was the natural focal point for anybody viewing them I could tell,

So I ask myself this question if to be wrapped in modesty is your aim,

Would it not bring less shame and attention to dress in sportswear same?

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