Have you ever seen anything that you weren’t supposed to see,

Well on more than one occasion it has happened to me,

I was out and about walking one fine mundane day,

When I saw a couple I know parked on the way,

I was about to go and greet them, to say a quick hello,

But as I approached I saw their faces and heard him bellow,

He was shouting and ranting at his wife who was sitting there,

I hastily crept backwards, approaching them I did not dare,

The two sat in the car, their masks slipped down their faces,

No false expressions painted on, devoid of airs and graces,

When I turned around, they seemed alright, the minute having passed,

As though what I had viewed a moment ago was unreal, a sort of farce,

But later to the shock of those who knew her, when she ran away,

I remembered her fallen mask, redundant, not to be worn another day.

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