The Hobble

I can’t help staring, I know it’s rude at that,

But I have never seen anything like it, a moving tower block of fat,

He is an impressive sight, bald and so immense,

And I really don’t mean to be nasty or give offence,

But the way he proceeds is a mystery to me,

It’s almost like his foot stumbles forwardly,

It’s definitely not a walk nor a skip nor a run,

He is definitely progressing, each movement is won,

The look on his face of concentration and will,

As he hobbles along makes up for his lack of skill,

And to my surprise one day watching a soap on TV,

I recognize the star, I am sure it is he,

His acting is good, but his role doesn’t compare,

To his strength of character in his exercising dare.

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One Response to The Hobble

  1. debs says:

    to my mate the mad professor
    i declare you are much better
    at poetry and rhyming skill
    then culinary delights and sitting still

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