The Marathon Runners

Half an hour into my walk and I am feeling rather fit,

Okay it’s not totally easy going, I am huffing a bit,

I stand up tall as I sally along, chuffed that I’m looking good,

Maybe I’ll walk another kilometer, why not I really could,

I turn a corner and espy the road, no cars or traffic today,

A policeman waves in my direction and orders me to make way,

For what I find out very soon, as runners pour down the road,

Some running fast, some speeding up and others as if slowed,

It’s the fifteen K fun run I remember, as I walk along by their side,

A photographer flung on the road to capture them in full stride,

I am no longer feeling so perky, not looking so damn cool,

As a bunch of them pass me by, an athletic flock, well not all,

One lad has turned his run into a walk of protracted pace,

Looking green, his legs a wobble, possibly stopping his race,

I cheer him on silently, willing him to the end line, in view, so near,

My feet happy just to plod, of marathons they need not fear.

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One Response to The Marathon Runners

  1. debs says:

    dalseeeeeeeeeeeeee love it love it you are wasted in the wrld of chemistry and law xxx

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