When More Is Less

Today as I walked along I was fuelled by thoughts arising,

From a remark by a friend, which I found very surprising,

Apparently, it matters how many words you write on a card,

But I cannot agree, I disagree, that way of thinking is marred,

It set me musing when is less more and when it is not enough,

Take Nouveau Cuisine for the hungry, would be considered very tough,

But for somebody who feasts with their eyes, it would be a delight,

Nourished not just by the quantity, but by the artistic culinary sight,

A million dollars is a lot of cash to your average chap,

But to a tycoon or ultra-rich, it wouldn’t cause a flap,

Sometimes a book of words cannot describe what you want to say,

And other times no words are needed, the message is understood okay,  

But that said and done, I realize now, it’s important to know with who you’re dealing,

If it is your intention to impress and not to hurt that person’s feeling.

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