World Of Screens

My route takes me past the library and the theatre next door,

The other day walking by the playhouse an addition on the roof I saw,

A screen had been erected with all its LCD charm and glory,

The display was large not to be missed above the second storey,

Each day I noted the screen was blank, silent in its passive state,

To see what would be transmitted evidently I would have to patiently wait,

And then one day colors and movements registered, as I neared that cultural place,

I hoped it would be something arty and enlightening that was being shoved in my face,

But behold it was nothing of beauty replacing the skyline and part of the building,

It was repeating unwanted advertisements to which the Modiin scenery was yielding,

My mouth screamed no this can’t be right, pollution of the eyes,

The robbing screen was a twenty first century money making monstrosity in disguise.

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