Postman Pat

It started near the beginning that someone would say hello to me,

And then it was comments like ‘well done’, but who the hell was he,

I did not want to be mean spirited and so would just smile weakly back,

And then the penny dropped when I saw him weighed down by a sack,

He happened to be my postman, that invisible sporadic deliverer of good mail,

But always to be relied on to bring bills, fines and overdue statements without fail,

He seemed to be extremely impressed that I was doing this daily trek,

But considering his job was one big walk, I was confused, what the heck,

Either he thought I was too old for even exercise so gentle,

Or to be doing for free what he gets paid for I had to be mental,

But when he disappeared, with a sore shoulder, definitely work related,

I realized that his remarks I had possibly misunderstood and underrated,

Maybe he was amazed that I walked with my arms moving to and fro,

When he was limited in that regard, this non-swinging Postman Pat I know.

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One Response to Postman Pat

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    I loved Postman Pat

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