Fruits From Heaven

It would be hard to go hungry walking the streets of Modiin,

Without the need for scavenging in even one rubbish bin,

The trees and bushes in public places are full of fruit galore,

A changing plate of delicacies, season dictating what’s in store,

Dates are free for eating, the more you take the better,

Otherwise they just dirty the streets, left to rot and fester,

Olives for the picking, not recommended without a pickle,

Almonds and pine nuts impossible to ignore even if very fickle,

Passion fruit, purple brown and prickly sabras for the brave at that,

Overhanging grapes galore to make you smile like a Cheshire cat,

Luscious lemons and fresh figs can be found and carobs by kilo weight,

Rosehip imploring to be put into your tea in an infused state,

Kumquats, Rosemary every variety, you may just need to look a bit,

I am sure if there was something else you fancied you could find it,

So it’s no wonder when I walk I sometimes feel my mouth salivating,

As I resist the sights and smells my senses are celebrating.

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1 Response to Fruits From Heaven

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    It sounds like Gan Eden – Mum

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