Feeding The Beast

I am not sure if what I saw is the start of a new trend or just one of a kind,

But I want to adopt it whichever is true because it appeals to my warped mind,

It was whilst walking in Tel Aviv that I came across a rubbish bin of green,

The same as those outside every home, I’m sure you know what I mean,

But what was different about this bin was the writing scrawled big in marker pen,

It was clearly a statement, a verbal demonstration of sorts to the dustmen,

Or maybe it was a general shout at the world at large, that’s also me and you,

But what was intended by the term ‘PATIENT’ which was marked for public view,

I figured that maybe it had not been emptied, but was still willing to wait,

To be relieved by the unreliable garbage disposal team of its full up state,

Or maybe it was passing on a message that to be patient is a virtue worthwhile,

Alternatively, it could have been an attempt at a new design or urban style,

Anyway it got me thinking that I should name my dustbin or slogan it at least,

I considered Plenty, Stinky, WasteNot, and Throwaway, but decided on The Beast.

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