The End Of The Rainbow

I have never seen a full rainbow, not ever except in a picture book,

I can only imagine from the bits of rainbows that I have seen how it would look,

But the other day the rain had stopped a glimmer of sun poking out,

When my son came crashing in, uncomprehendable in his excitement about,

A double rainbow which had replaced part of the sky high above his head,

If I wasn’t quick I would miss this vision of the spectrum of blue and red,

I extricated myself from my lethargy and a short walk away I reached the spot,

Would I be able to see it, not the rainbow but the associated gold in a pot,

In one direction the rainbow scooped up from the bottom of the sky right there,

And I followed it’s full arc of colour ascending and then descending to where,

My eye could no longer see any more sky which it could steal and replace,

And I had no idea which was the start and which was the end of this rainbow space,

As I stood in my contemplation weighing up in which direction the gold would be found,

I looked up to find the rainbow had disappeared without so much as a farewell sound,

I returned home realizing that even if I had determined where the rainbows end did lie,

To be rich the pot of gold would have to be tangible and not made up of part of the sky.

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