Low Technology Exercise

When I walk with only my cellphone in my hand, I sometimes feel quite light,

Especially passing my friends the cyclists a technological glorious sight,

The other day a cyclist friend called out to me why are you walking so slow,

Only six kilometres per hour is your speed, is that the fastest you can go,

I had been feeling quite good before her measurement of my strolling pace,

Wasn’t I just a walker not a cyclist or an athlete in a race,

It made me examine The Cyclists a breed of their own over here,

They have grown in numbers, they’re everywhere in their cycling gear,

With special lycra padded shorts not complimentary to all,

But helpful to protect your derriere with matching tops so cool,

Helmets upgraded, some with lights attached on top as well,

Leather gloves for better grip and shades for seeing swell,

The bikes are so sophisticated, some foldaway, some for mountain trails,

Vamped up gears, frames of space age material designed for women and males,

Speedometers, exercise meters, sensors and displays that talk,

The Cyclists have become truly scary to those of us who walk,

In reaction I have added a wooly hat to my head remaining gadget free,

But every time I pass The Cyclists I speed up just in case they measure me.

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