How To Sit On A Bus

As I walked down the main road, a bus was parked on the side,

I couldn’t help noticing a notice stuck down on its door with pride,

Without slowing down too much I managed to get the gist,

It warned all commuters that they could sit in any place they wished,

A reaction to the recent controversial discrimination,

Against the female, where her sex is sufficient incrimination,

To be seated at a bus’s back, tucked away out of sight unseen,

By anyone considered male, avoiding provocation of the obscene,

After all the man is under threat of the witch latent within her,

And cannot resist the effect which she does cause to stir,

So the religious zealots did banish all those wicked wenches,

Unanimous that the cause of sin travel only on the back benches,

But overlooking a solution which is so more effective and complete,

Why not supply these men with blindfolds to use in their seat,

To hermetically prevent peeping or other sinful urges on the roads,

And abracadabra no more need to dictate dress and seating codes.

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