The Pest That Is Insecticide

There in front of me as I walked along was a man with a thing,

I have no idea what the thing is called, but it was a thing with a sting,

The thing he held had a nozzle long out of which emitted a spray,

Of poisonous fluid of a sort to keep the insects at bay,

He directed the shpritz at each tree on the roadside without undue care,

And being directly behind him there was no way of avoiding the deposit in the air,

I did not intend on continuing my exercise in atmospheric insecticide,

I felt selfish, but I had to leave the ants to their unfair genocide,

I took a deep breath and then started to sprint until the killer of ants was behind me,

At a safe distance away I slowed to a walk happy to have escaped, DDT free,  

I scowled at the man, but from his face he did not understand that he was a violator,

He carried on, he did not pause this man with a thing, a seasoned bug annihilator.

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