Strike Time

So the National strike was in its second day,

And I hadn’t been affected yet in any way,

My hubbie Dave was due back on a plane, but

Landings were not to be delayed, the airport would not shut,

Luggage would be detained, but that was good,

‘Cos return to the airport to get it later he would,

So no back to work, but a day at home with me,

This strike was not so bad, I thought with glee,

But he got his bags and off he went to his office mates,

And I angrily walked to sign on as my weekly habit dictates,

But alas stupid me of course the Unemployment Bureau was on strike,

The guard told me no service today, come back next week if you like,

I had walked there for nothing and was feeling peeved,

So decided to go to the library and find books to read,

But alas stupid me, I did not stop to think whether,

The library was on strike, another wasted endeavor,

It was time to give up, the strike had won and my Union ordered me,

Home to salt and vinegar crisps and an infusion of Downton Abbey.

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One Response to Strike Time

  1. auntie Cherie says:

    Dalia, I read your poem re. the Strike to Karen and we both really enjoyed it. You really are a very clever girl. Keep the poems coiming. love auntie Cherie

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