A Case Of Wind

Not sure what to expect in terms of the weather which is very strange,

This past week when on my walk I have battled meteorological change,

One knows that in the summer, spring and autumn it is always hot,

And in the winter one anticipates that warm it is not,

But one day rain, the next chamsin and then a day of cold,

Global warming I hear you say I will not be cajoled,

Anyway that is not the subject I wanted to blog about here,

It’s the wind that has come to my attention about which I am not clear,

As I walked along I felt the gust of wind propelling me faster much,

And it made me think what is the wind, invisible yet I feel it’s touch,

Is it not a block of air, which you can almost grasp,

Which unseeingly blows havoc to everything in its clasp,

You know it’s there from its howling and the movement it does cause,

Of the trees and sundries in its path, surrendering to its force,

But what if there was nothing, just a stretch of concrete land bare,

How would one know that the wind was even there?

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