The Reunion

Sometimes when I walk I am blind to what’s outside,

Tucked deep inside myself with eyes open wide,

Today was such a day, accompanied by many a thought,

About last nights’ reunion of the school where I was taught,

Dressed in a positive uniform and a readymade smile to wear,

I wasn’t sure what to expect or who would be there,

The first people I encountered looked about eighty years old, oh hell,

Could they be my former classmates who hadn’t aged so well?

No, this JFS reunion was for anybody who had attended the school whenever,

So packed in the hall together were young, old, the thick and the clever,

The food was of an Asian theme, although I would have preferred a British bite,

But I can’t complain, the sushi and noodles were definitely alright,

In fact, I made sure that I stuffed my bag with a sample or two,

Well I was only copying my old friend Sari who showed me what to do,

We had a laugh indeed we did, my old school friends touched with elation,

I met the girls I used to travel on the tube with to Camden Town station,

We caught up news and wondered why we had let the years slip by,

Our promises to keep in touch had turned into a lie,

So once again the ties renewed we did promise again with zest,

And I hope that this time we manage it, because old friends are the best.

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5 Responses to The Reunion

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    I think this is one of your best – love Mum

  2. Korenstein says:

    Your Mum is quite right as usual!
    Very disappointed about the glowing omission though 😦

  3. Sari says:

    I didn’t stuff the sushi, I gently placed it. And everyone at home felt that they too had been a part of the JFS reunion. It was WONDERFUL to see you 🙂

  4. Miriam Ochayon (Weisz) says:

    I love it Dalia and u even were cause to a teeny weeny tear in the corner if my eye!
    U r quite right, there’s something very special about ‘old’ friends!!
    It was great to get together with the train and minyan gang!
    U write do well I might feel I ought to put in more requests!!!
    Keep writing

  5. Delila Ovadia0 says:

    Delila Ovadia, went to the JFS Years 1969-1974, Ms. Barbara Hamnett was my tutor, Brodetsky class. Anyone who remembers me or was from my class is free to write to me.

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