My Boots Aren’t Waterproof

Going for a walk in the rain is fun I say,

Splish, splash goes the water on your way,

The pavement transformed a mirror to see,

The reflections of life above, a house, a tree,

Streams of water pouring out of gutters from high,

Like a line of urinating men, focused, not shy,

The first five minutes are great in this wet,

Cold faced, exhilarated, but warm inside yet,

Nobody else about, I wonder why not,

They’re missing out the spoilt indoors lot,

I am splishing and splashing all over the road,

When I feel it, a wetness and not well does it bode,

My feet are damp and then they are soaking,

My boots are not waterproof, my feet are floating,

But why only now when I’ve had a splish and a splash,

Do I find my boots are traitors not worth the paid cash,

My walk in the rain is no more fun I declare,

As clad in sopping socks I splodge home in despair.

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3 Responses to My Boots Aren’t Waterproof

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    Typical Dalia. Its good to laugh. Mum

  2. Miriam Ochayon (Weisz) says:

    Apart from wellies, anyone ever found waterproof boots in the last few years??? I mean really waterproof! I doubt it.

    • whileiwalk says:

      A friend of mine suggested that when you go to buy boots, you should bring a bucket of water and test them. I think I may patent the idea and call it the wet toes bucket test.

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