Mountain Walk What Fun

The picture in the brochure was just what we were looking for,

A mountain trail with waterfalls and streams, fresh air galore,

This hillock was in Croatia high above the Adriatic sea,

And we started the trek with dollops of excitement and glee,

It would have been quite wonderful if it hadn’t been so hot,

Sweat pouring down our faces, we were a determined lot,

The trail was marked with arrows which directed us to go where,

And it would have been so easy if all the markings had been there,

Being lost did not perturb, we knew we had to go down,

Even when the way was blocked, we didn’t even frown,

We were on a fun day out in mother nature’s green,

Part of the fun was to be scratched by overgrowth unseen,

The trouble started when we crossed over a murky stream,

Did you see the snake my son shouted out while my daughter started to scream,

And if that had been that it would still have been good,

But unfortunately another snake slid by where I had just stood,

Rustles in the bushes took on new meaning to us,

Us that is the girls speeding down, much screaming and fuss,

The boys eager for more they were having such fun,

They couldn’t understand why we’d broken into a run,

The bottom was reached, no waterfalls in sight,

But our car was at the top, we realized our plight,

Climb back up the mount or wait for a bus an hour or so,

Unanimously it was decided up the mountain not to go,

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t always believe,

A photo in a tourist brochure, which may cunningly deceive.

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One Response to Mountain Walk What Fun

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    Ha, ha, ha – Mum

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