Gone To The Dogs

I wish I were a lover of dogs, but frankly I am not,

If I wasn’t afraid of them it would help a lot,

Invariably I do spot when I walk the streets each day,

At least one canine eyeing me whilst I’m on my way,

Some are small, others big, multicoloured black or white,

Long tailed, short tailed, hairy, sleek, fat and slight,

But two dogs I have met are definitely not the norm,

They have a challenged, handicapped unnatural form,

Most types of dog may differ but all have legs of four,

Man’s four legged friend for people to adore,

But these two dogs do not comply it is plain to see,

Their legs do not come in four, they have only three,

Walking does not seem a problem as they totter along,

A different gait to be sure, please don’t get me wrong,

No crutches, walking sticks or wheelchairs do they need,

Superior to a human amputee one may justly concede,

Proving the advantage of a canine’s walking equipment and mode,

Better four legs or even three than the two that man is bestowed.

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