Close Encounter With A Bee

My nose so prominent has declared that spring has arrived,

Though bereft of smell, this detection feature’s survived,

At the slightest presence of pollen it proceeds to sneeze,

Ah you are thinking what’s this got to do with bees,

Well as I tramped the streets on my daily outing,

A twitch and an itch there was no doubting,

My nose was not alone, my eyes were pouring,

Under hayfever attach, I hope I’m not boring,

I proceeded with valour baring my woes,

When I felt this fuzzy feeling below my wet nose,

It was a bee which flew past me, but as timing did go,

It skirted my leaking nostrils without going slow,

If I or the bee had paused or changed speed,

It would not have wiped my nose but stung me indeed,

A lucky escape from an apamin injection,

And an awakening of a new buzzing affection,

It was quite a nice feeling being stroked by the bee,

I wonder what the bee thought of silly ol’ me.

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One Response to Close Encounter With A Bee

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    Your blog is always a good feeling start to my day – Beattie

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