Snow In Modiin

I read in the papers that snow was on its way,

I read the exact location where it would lay,

No forecasts needed to know when or where,

Definitely snow to Modiin was headed there,

It would be more than knee deep this icy delight,

Oh how I looked forward to this wonderful sight,

And just as promised it came the mass of white cool,

But it only fell in one spot just by the mall,

Alas it had not come direct from the sky,

But by way of Mount Hermon or somewhere nearby,

Snow by order, delivery by truck,

But for snow deprived people a bit of luck,

When I eventually walked over to view the chill,

A meager pile was left of the snowy hill,

I wasn’t even sure if it was still considered snow,

Was it snow, ice, or slush I did not know,

Whatever it was, it was being ignored by all,

But I couldn’t resist rolling myself a small ball,

That old thrill was still present, I chucked it with speed,

And if it was you that I hit, apologies indeed.

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