Multitask Walking

I never thought of myself as a multitasker.

My mother would agree if you ask her,

And my walking habit is added proof,

I walk neto, nothing else but my head aloof,

But I’ve found that this is not the habit in most,

Walking plus something else they can boast,

There are those who stroll and chat,

To an exercise partner or if not that,

Into a cellphone or a similar device,

Workaholics injecting into their vice,

Others walking to music while on the move,

Exercising while getting in the groove,

But I think what takes the biscuit,

And I personally would not risk it,

Is this middle aged man that I have recently met,

Bearded and scarfed atypical of the exercise set,

Downwards his nose and eyes are cast,

As he reads his newspaper while walking quite fast,

I thought maybe he’d been chucked out by the wife,

And was open air reading where he would get no strife,

But no I have seen him again this man who can steer,

Blind, not worried of bumping into anything, no fear,

Walkreading may be the start of a new extreme sport,

For the adventurous bookworm, well just a thought.

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