One can’t help but notice that Purim is near,

And I’m tasting the trial of dressing up fear,

Each year the kids decide and then change their mind,

I’ll be this, no I’ll be that, please can you find,

The lists of what’s needed is mindboggling, but,

If it’s not for sale, you know material can be cut,

Enjoy, it’s Purim after all, somebody once laughed,

But not before the outfits are made, don’t be daft,

So with that thought in mind as I go for my walk,

I prepare myself for that special pet talk,

I will slip on my mask, the one with the patient face,

And enquire what they want to be this year and then brace,

Myself for the ensuing fiasco changing to the smiley mask,

While I think to myself why the hell did I ask.

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2 Responses to Masks

  1. Very funny and expertly composed – love the rhymes!

  2. Liora - doting sister says:

    I think this is your best one yet………..

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