I May Have Been Googled

Dressed in my leggings, not much of a sight,

I’d just set off, out the gate turned right,

When I came face to face with the most curious car,

Different from any other vehicle I’ve come across so far,

A camera covered most of this transporter’s roof,

It looked like a carnival float or some type of spoof,

It chugged at a very slow speed and I did wonder why,

But I had no time to waste and hurried right by,

I was not looking my best I must emphasize this,

Made up with tiredness, clothes hit and miss,

Hair sticking up and out, not tamed by a brush,

Oh now how I wish I hadn’t been in such a rush,

A few enquiries later and all became clear,

It was the Google mobile that was filming here,

Google earth with the photos that were taken,

My road including me if I am not mistaken,

The moral is always look your best, especially

When your photo may be taken for millions to see.

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