What Lurks Beneath The Ground

Right by where I live is a place to shop,

Where the locals including me tend to hop,

When out of food or hair in need of a trim,

Or emergency ice cream munchies is your whim,

Several years ago a hump appeared in the road,

Next to the shops, for parking or produce offload,

It was curious this hump all on its own,

But shortly after another protrusion had grown,

They multiplied these bumps and humps,

Like a mysterious case of cancerous lumps,

On occasion a worker or two could be seen,

Replacing several bricks, but I don’t want to be mean,

What was the use of their laboring when,

They were not tackling the problem these pottering men,

It was obvious to me that something lurked below,

And it wanted to come out and say hello,

Every time it moved and tried to get out,

It innocently shock the road I was talking about,

To my relief as I walked by a few days ago.

I saw they’ve now pulled up the whole road and so,

It looks like they’ve finally come to the same conclusion as me,

That in order to repair the road they must set the beast free.

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