When Should We Start Worrying

I don’t want to alarm you, really I don’t

But nor will I cheer you up, sorry I won’t,

It is my duty to share information with you,

Which this morning’s newspaper declared to be true,

An asteroid is heading towards us that is to planet earth,

One in six hundred probability of hitting us for what it’s worth,

But don’t waste your time looking up at the sky,

You won’t see it coming however hard you try,

It’s not due here for about thirty years or so,

There is time to prepare before impact you know,

Millions will be killed so the paper did say,

But the article was encouraging in its own little way,

The asteroid is not as big as the last one which was giant,

The one that destroyed all the dinosaurs however defiant,

I am so glad this essential piece of news was aired,

As it is always best to be prepared,

It makes sense to start worrying already now, so that,

We don’t get a fright if a piece of asteroid knocks us down flat.

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One Response to When Should We Start Worrying

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    I am so pleased that I now have something really to worry about. Mum

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