Who Speaks Chinese


I couldn’t help grinning as I walked on my way,

As I thought about what happened last Thursday,

It was my turn to host book club, and we decided to see,

The film of the book, and we sat and waited with glee,

The book was about two girls with bound feet who lived in China,

The film started playing, when I discovered a problem, which was minor,

Most of the language was Chinese, where was the subtitle switch,

I realized there wasn’t one, whoops a slight glitch,

Nobody spoke Mandarin, the fault was mine,

Best ignore the problem and have some more wine,

Nobody complained or even giggled at that,

For two hours we watched, not understanding we sat,

Comments were made about the music and pictures so nice,

But nobody dared to say what we were all thinking and break the ice,

That we might as well stop it and take out the book we had read,

And have the usual interesting discussion instead,

Well book club will not be at me again for a very long time,

Unless it takes anyone’s fancy to watch two hours of mime.

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