I See The Rain

It’s hard to believe as the rain pours down not stopping,

That I was boiling last week in Tel Aviv whilst shopping,

The sun shone then making me peel off my layers,

But I’m happy with the watery answer to our prayers,

It’s just when I walked in Tel Aviv, with the sea and the sun,

The heat whispered to me to go have some fun,

Cyclists only clad in vests, cafe tables exuding,

Smells of coffees, promises and summer brooding,

I hurried past, momentarily distracted, then shifting gear,

My target destination winking in the distance near,

I arrived at last at the beach nearly deserted, and,

Pushed against the wind and trudged in the sand,

Until I was at the seas edge where I threw myself down,

To reflect at the watery expanse, skirting the town,

What difference I ask between the water of the sea,

And the water of the rain falling down continually,

Both are pleasurable depending on the conditions,

It’s just the rain is not conducive for outside expeditions,

Nevertheless, don’t think I want the rain to stop, I do not

But wouldn’t it be nice if it rained when it was hot.

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