Carnival Time

Today was the best day to be walking in the street,

Kids and adults alike walking to the Purim beat,

The streets were lined with barricades,

Ready for the afternoon’s city parades,

Inflatable castles were lying about,

Floats were being inspected and tried out,

It was dressing up day in every school,

And I witnessed the bizarre to the very cool,

Kindergarten girls all dressed up as princesses and queens,

Accompanied by knights and little boy kings full of beans,

A group of teenage male fairies wondered past,

Looking pretty in pink, hairy and moustached,

Smurfs in blue seemed to be the rage,

Clowns with painted faces for any age,

A crowd dressed as prison officers at the junction,

Oops not fancy dress but gathered for a work function,

Bringing to mind that some people play dress up every day,

Wearing uniforms and acting the part for their monthly pay.

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One Response to Carnival Time

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    I loved this one. What did you dress up as? love Mum

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