Sky Walking

Have you ever tried walking on a plane?

Not advisable if you want to avoid pain,

I only succeeded in going a few steps down the aisle,

In a swaggering, teetering drunk type of style,

When I gave up and slumped into my seat,

And instead attempted to fall asleep,

However, soon it became very clear that,

I wouldn’t be sleeping in the seat that I sat,

I tossed and turned, but there was nowhere to put,

My left or even my right foot,

I dangled them both in the air,

And then I know it wasn’t fair,

I waved then above the person in front of me,

But I still did not feel the least bit comfy,

So huffing I flung them on hubbies lap,

But sleep would not come, I was in a flap,

I walked my feet along the wall of the aircraft,

When bingo they hit upon a perfect shaft,

An ideal fit, sleep was very near,

When it dawned on me, becoming clear,

That the emergency lever was not the best place,

To be applying pressure just incase,

The door opened wide and then,

I wouldn’t be sleeping ever again.

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