A Close Shave With An Elephant

We were off on safari oh what fun,

No regular holiday for us of sand and sun,

We arrived at the reserve with a few hours to spare,

And immediately played spotting animals hiding there,

Jackals and buck, waterhogs and deer galore,

But we were eager for lions and elephants, we wanted more,

An hour and a half to spare before the camp gates shut,

We spotted some elephants in the distance, but,

We had to go off on a dirt trail, what the hell,

We wanted to see baby Nellie there as well,

We ventured deeper, a rangers jeep stopped in front,

And there they were a group of dumbos we could hear them grunt,

Oh how lovely, how sweet they were, so tranquil,

But it was time to get to our destination, no matter how brill,

If only the elephants would move out of our way,

I supposed we could reverse, we couldn’t wait all day,

But more and more elephants arrived at our spot,

Surrounding us from all sides and like it we did not,

These peaceful elephants were protective of their pup,

My daughter went hysterical, my heart rate sped up,

I passed a crisp bag to her and told her to breath in,

But she was too worked up so I slapped her chin,

At this stage the nellies were in a bit of a state,

The ranger turned around leaving us to our fate,

His parting words were to get out of here,

I screamed at David to start to steer,

And he did his best he really did,

But of the elephants we could not get rid,

How we got out of there I do not know,

As we retreated an elephant at our rear, nowhere to go,

When it had passed we accelerated out of danger’s eye,

And just as an elephant never forgets neither will I.

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One Response to A Close Shave With An Elephant

  1. Alon says:

    ahem…. baby elephants are clled calves not pups!

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