Taking A Stroll In Deepest Darkest Africa

You may not know this but if you are white,

You don’t walk the streets of Jo’berg, ‘cos you might,

Be mugged, pillaged or worse in this African city,

Which for a professional walker like me is such a pity,

I threw caution to the wind and went outside,

And gingerly started walking, my eyes open wide,

It was late at night, nobody about,

Would anyone hear me if I’d shout,

Well all of a sudden I heard a car behind,

Oh bugger, it was following me I was in a bind,

The driver and passengers were darkest black,

I had no choice but to carry on, I couldn’t go back,

I sped up, well so would you,

It definitely seemed like the right thing to do,

But the car followed suit, and then,

Instead of being attacked by these men,

They waved and asked if everything was alright,

We’re the vigilante watch to protect you walking at night.

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