Everybody’s Eating Out


Walk past any eatery in Jo’berg and you will see,

That tonight they are all full to maximum occupancy,

Carnivores all sitting around a table,

Stuffing their faces as much as they’re able,

Why is everybody not at home tonight?

Why have they all come out for a bite?

Of course South Africans they all know quite well,

And are not even embarrassed to frankly tell,

It’s Thursday night isn’t it obvious they happily scoff,

We can’t eat at home ‘cos it’s the maid’s night off,

As a sort of maid myself I decided that I could learn,

To adopt this custom back in Israel on my return.

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1 Response to Everybody’s Eating Out

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    I love it, but don’t you order in pizza on Thursday night? love Mum

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