What Planet Does He Come From

I think my son lives on a different planet from me,

More remote than Jupiter, Mars or even Mercury,

We took a stroll to the shopping center as we sometimes do,

And whilst I was looking around he remarked out of the blue,

You know I am going to a Batmitzvah party at eight o’ clock tonight,

So we need to get a present, I think money will be alright,

This was the first I’d heard of it, I wondered how he dare,

Had he thought of pulling a gift out of the thin surrounding air,

But it hadn’t even occurred to him until just right now,

And there wasn’t even any use in shouting, having a row,

So we chose a piece of jewelry, he had to have a say,

At eleven years old he was the decider, I just had to pay,

After walking home he still had half an hour to spare,

And it was whilst writing the card that he did declare,

You know the party is for two girls, this card is for the first,

And where’s the other present, I thought that I would burst,

Why the hell he hadn’t remembered when we were in the store,

Where instead of buying one gift I could have easily bought one more,

But I suppose he lives not on another planet, but in a virtual world run just by touch,

And although my son may be alien to me, from other kids he doesn’t differ much.

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