What To Wear In Changeable Weather

Before I ventured outside a tee shirt seemed just fine,

But the black cloud I met at my door seemed to be a sign,

One minute sunny, the next quite cold, best to wear layers,

I am not the sort who is optimistic relying on a few quick prayers,

Anyway, I started my walk to the beat of background rolls of thunder,

When I saw this bloke whose attire caused me to think and wonder,

He was wrapped up warm, but on each foot was a sandal without a sock,

And I must admit I sniggered a bit although I’m not one to mock,

When it dawned on me his peeping icy toes were a problem for all,

A worldwide plight for many when the weather is both hot and rather cool,

And that is when a brainwave struck, I had thought of a great invention,

And you my friends are the first to hear, I’m bringing it to your attention,

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you had a foot sweater or foot cap to be placed over a shoe,

So you could wear open toe sandals, not just when hot, but when it’s cold too,

The possibilities are endless with zips and velcrose bits,

I think this may be one of 2012’s global warming accessories hits.

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