Who Is Looking At Me

When I walk I am the viewer, interested in what I can see,

And I hadn’t thought that people were also looking at me,

My daughter burst out laughing in the middle of a driving class,

She had spotted me walking the streets as she drove past,

Her teacher more used to her stressing asked her to explain,

She pointed me out to him, ‘it’s my mother walking again’,

Her teacher replied ‘I know her, I see her every day’,

He told her it was great that I exercised in this way,

My daughter was not too happy, her mother was on view,

And when she came home she told me what to do,

I was embarrassing always wearing the same clothes to walk,

People would think that we were poor they would start to talk,

I should cut the neck of the tee shirt I wore, it wasn’t very cool,

Or just buy some new things, I could get them at the mall,

So today I ditched my grey leggings and put black ones on instead,

And a blue sweatshirt instead of the cozy one that I sometimes wore in bed,

And lo and behold when I was out strolling a friend shouted out of her car,

I like the new gear you’re wearing, I didn’t recognize you from afar,

So I suppose to keep my daughter happy I will daily change my kit,

If I don’t want to ruin her reputation I must also do my bit.

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1 Response to Who Is Looking At Me

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    Loved this one. You see what goes around comes around. You are always embarrassed by me. love Mum

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