The Jewish Drink Shop

Pesach was definitely approaching in Machane Yehudah today,

The bakeries empty of their usual multi bread array,

On the streets there and nearby were makeshift koshering spots,

With Chasidic men and women waiting to dunk their plates and pots,

People were frantically buying with not a moment to waste,

The urgency reminiscent of the exodus from Egypt kind of haste,

And in the midst of all this hoo ha I espied a most unusual store,

Selling medicinal drinks according to the Rambam’s medical law,

Each container was labeled for a different disease or ill state,

And all hypochondriacs will realize that finding this shop was fate,

One potion to give you energy, well I was very tired indeed,

Another for constipation or diarrhea which ever you may need,

A drink to revive your blood and another to make you smile,

And yet still another to make you feel loving for a while,

A tot for all your kidney, heart or sugar problems as well,

And to help choose what to buy there was even a man to consult and tell,

Although I could not be distracted from my Pesach shopping I was glad to learn,

I could buy a remedy for matza induced ailments on my post Passover return.

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