The Sedar

We made it, we did, Pesach was here,

All shiny and clean, from afar and near,

We scrubbed to the last minute in pious belief,

When the deadline was reached it was such a relief,

No rest yet though there was bread to be burnt,

But although we went searching, fires there weren’t,

So a trip in the car to an official burning place,

A fire engine nearby hosing flames just in case,

Cooking and arguing and ironing the clothes,

And a dash to the shops before they dare close,

And then time for Sedar to read how we are free,

How from Egypt and slavery us Israelites did flee,

And I sat there and imagined I really did try,

But in all honesty it was hard I cannot lie,

My scrubbing fingers dislocated, my back in pain,

Throbbing burns and scratches from koshering in vain,

A blister or two, my nails all broken,

Aching limbs, muscles in spasm an unwanted token,

And my eyes were heavy from lack of sleep,

As I listened to how us slaves did cry and weep,

And I realized that I really felt it the slavery bit,

The light of enlightenment was surely lit,

But the freedom bit was what I was waiting for,

And that was helped by the wine galore,

Our heads lolling in stupor, we sat at the table,

Feeling released, emancipated but not too stable,

And as a sign of our new found freedom and relaxed state,

Someone let out a fart, as we drank and we ate,

We finished the sedar, the place was now an entropical mess,

Dirty dishes, food on the floor, please no more cleaning yes,

It couldn’t be right, unless it was a prompt for a fifth question okay,

On this night if we’re not slaves why don’t clean things stay that way?

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One Response to The Sedar

  1. David Korenstein says:

    Glad you had a wonderful seder. Sounds like the cleanest bill of health that you’ve had for years!!
    Chag Sameach

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