A Family Outing

We were off to the Kineret to check out the lake,

We would have left home early if we’d been awake,

Two hours later and a true miracle had occurred,

No screaming on the journey except once when we swerved,

The first thing to do was to park the car,

Strategically so that the beach was not that far,

And once that was done we had to find the beach,

Where we could swim with a life guard in reach,

But although we could see the Kineret’s water from left to right,

There was no bathing beach not one in sight,

So we walked and we walked and in optimistic hope,

We trudged through a field and climbed down a slope,

It was dirty and horrid, but there in front of our eyes,

Was the water’s edge in hippy disguise,

Multiple pierced individuals were strewn on the ground all about,

Drinking and smoking illegal substances, totally spaced out,

And trying not to sound like a bit of a snob or a bore,

I about turned the kids and searched for a more upmarket shore,

The next one we found would have cost a mint,

I couldn’t pay that much for a quick swimming stint,

So giving a miss to the separate beach, a sea of black,

We weren’t dressed appropriately, didn’t want no flack,

We felt hopeful though at the next stretch of water we found,

Not too pricey, clean and well kept grassy ground,

But before we could walk in the music started loud,

From full size speakers of which the owners were proud,

Brought from home to the beach so everyone in Tiberias could hear,

Not for those who wanted to remaining hearing was exceedingly clear,

We had walked for an hour or so when I said no more and slowed,

And suggested we sit on a bench on the side of the road,

We could watch the Kinneret from this free vantage spot,

Without having to suffer the company of any dubious lot,

We sat down in thought for a minute or two,

Checking out the watery beauty of grey and blue,

When just like that it started to rain and the wind did blow,

Nature’s way of telling us that our Kinneret watching was over and it was time to go.

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