A Fishy Affair

As I walked along I was hit by the smell of fish in the air,

Coming from the many fish mongers seen everywhere,

The fishermen were busy each in his stall,

Hosing down fish from the morning’s pull,

How could I leave without buying a few,

To be cooked later at home on a barbeque,

I requested proudly four small fish,

They would be enough for a family dish,

They were cleaned, beheaded, the fish of four,

When in walked three customers into the store,  

Prices were laughed at and somewhere I got lost,

‘Cos their fish seemed to be half of what mine cost,

I was about to object when I heard the men say,

We’ll take the whole crate if that is okay,

I held my four fish and looked at their heap,

And before I could help myself I started to speak,

Why do you want to buy so many fish in one go,

I thought maybe they had a shop and their fish stock was low,

But no I was wrong I was barking up the wrong tree,

It was dinner to feed fifty of their large family,

In conclusion the morale of this story is indeed,

If you belong to a big family you’re cheaper to feed.

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