The Doctor

I was dubious from the start when I heard his name,

But there was nobody else available and I was in pain,

So I collected my broken bones and resolutely marched to,

See if I had something terminal, if there was anything to do,

I had contemplated a swig of something alcoholic like wine,

But dismissed the idea immediately after all I’d be fine,

It was an ominous sign that the doctor was waiting for me,

With nobody queuing to see him, how good could he be,

I told him my problems and then what was wrong with my back,

And when I wouldn’t stop talking he gave me some flack,

He prodded my knees, followed by my spinal cord,

And then he seemed to lose interest, he even looked bored,

Shall I tell you frankly what is wrong with you, he declared,

I held my breath waiting for the facts to be bared,

It’s old age that’s your problem, not much to be done,

Make sure you only do gentle exercise, definitely don’t run,

I was relieved for a moment, but quickly recovered,

Was there no X-ray, CT or MRI to be suffered?

I strutted out of the room as youthfully as I could,

It may be downhill from here, but I’d show that doctor I would,

As I muttered to myself in the corridor of that medical place,

I heard the doctor refusing his next patient, that it was a disgrace,

The patient was drunk he was absolutely sure,

And with that I heard him slam his door,

Was it better to be accused of being drunk or old?

I didn’t know, but truth be told,

Thank goodness of the wine I had not even had a lick,

What would he have done with an old inebriated chick?

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One Response to The Doctor

  1. Beattie Gellert says:

    What a marvelleous start to the day to read your blog. I think this one is the best ever – love Mum

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