The Survivors

Holocaust day to recall the atrocities we Jews endured,

Antisemitic hatred to which millions were willingly lured,

Mass murder, torture systematic and assisted,

Worldwide eagerly accepted and not resisted,

Today we hear stories from survivors and watch it on TV,

But do we really understand, do we really see,

Do we feel what it must have been like for us Jews then?

The horror and the pain inflicted by men on men,

We can only try to imagine and pledge not to forget,

So that a repeat will not occur, that we will not let,

We teach this in our schools to the young and to the old,

But something’s been forgotten that needs to be told,

The survivors are dying out, not many remain,

Survivors suffering from trauma, ill health, some insane,

Survivors living in poverty, no money to eat,

No money for air conditioning or in the winter heat,

So it’s not enough to remember, we also need to ensure,

That the victims are looked after, that they don’t suffer anymore.

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