No Dirty Books For Me

I’ve discovered my local library as a viable reading source,

Even for connoisseurs of virgin books where condition’s critical of course,

My nose can detect a speck of dust whether it is hidden well,

And so I reject the older print, lest my eyes run or swell,

There is a rack of brand new novels which I track each day,

And when I espy the perfect read, I pounce on it straight away,

The other day I searched for my book club’s latest read,

And as luck would have it there it was, fulfilling this month’s need,

A grain of doubt was planted fast, it did not look that new,

But what the heck it was free, I headed for the lending queue,

I opened up the book to see if it was something I would usually pick,

When I saw it embedded in the corner and I felt quite sick,

It was a hair poking out, a pubic one I’m sure,

And although I got rid of it flicking it to the floor,

I couldn’t look anymore at the book, which wasn’t very fair,

I’d never be able to read that book without thinking of the hair,

It seems to me for finicky readers this is another point in favour of an electronic book,

No need to worry about finding bodily deposits however hard you look.

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